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released May 14, 2014

Thank you david!



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The Less You Know Hanover, Germany

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Track Name: Last Time You Came As A Frog, Now You're A Moth
Last Time You Came As A Frog, Now You're A Moth
1, 2, 3, now I can see behind your veil,
You hide yourself everyday, you're broken inside,
sick and zerbroken, that's what you are,
so you put a smile on your face.
Everyday, you put a smile on your face,
but inside, you're rotten,
the disgust, exceeds acceptable.
your rancid thoughts.
I can see your disguise,
it starts to fail and so are you.
I've seen your real shape and form,
and now i can't take you anymore.
Track Name: Desolate
I never walked in your shoes
and if I'm honest, I never want to,
don't cross my way.
You set your Goals
and everyone who stands in Line
becomes a Ghost
and you want more and more and more!
You work like an engine,
cold as a Wall,
you always do what's good for you.
Don't cross my way,
or say the things you want to say
straight to my Face!
And you say more!
Watch your back, with every step,
The Ghosts you make, come after you!
Track Name: Well Said Mr. Schinken
Well Said Mr. Schinken
Caged from the beginning of their lifes,
kept alive, fed from foreign tubes,
born in the night, never seen the outside,
death upon their shoulders everyday.
It makes me sick!
Living beeings transported to get slayn,
put in boxes, the last time some fresh air,
fatted to feed the rich, only the purpose to die!
It makes me sick!
Track Name: Suburban Youth Blues #112
Suburban Youth Blues #112
There is something that you create,
from a barn or a warehouse or something like that,
because you need a place,
to be you without fear.
You are the chance we've left,
you are the chance we had already,
don't let them treat you like dirt,
raid shelter atmosphere.
Space is what you do and not what they do to you.
First love, first dispute, plenum and concerts,
self-discovery in the grid of society,
retreat, offensive, discord, unity,
shadows in the shadow of the majority.
Space is what you do and not what they do to you.